Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tightening up our calendar for the last two weeks:


Because our final exam is not cumulative, and only "test 4," I think it works best for the majority of you to have it on the last day of class. I will entertain excuses for why you cannot take the test on Friday 12/10, but it will have to be DOCUMENTED and an actual excusable absence. Extracurricular plays and musicals are not excusable, for instance.

Week 15
M 11/29: Read Chap. 11 WTWA to p. 499 Q21 (and Q20 from Monday before Thanksgiving Break)
W 12/1: Read Chap. 11 WTWA to end Q22 + extra Q on "Gunpowder Revolution"
F 12/3: Read “Sugar” in Trading Tastes Q23

Week 16
M 12/6: Wrapping up loose ends lecture:
W 12/8: Review Day
F 12/10: Test 4 (Final Exam)

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